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sora, sea salt

Tales of a Very Definitely Exasperated Girl's Trip Back to Her Hometown

Ah, New York City.

Visiting is nice enough depending on where I go, but if somebody ever asked me to move back, my answer would absolutely be "fuck no." Not even a day back for a visit, and I already have a humongous list of things about my hometown (and trust me, it is very strange for me to think of it as such) to rant about.

1. Nobody ever seems to think that there are more people on the road than just the car in front of them.
----Seriously, would it kill people to THINK before they go honking their horns at every little thing?

2. The stench.
----Anybody who's never been to New York City can at least have this to fall back on; the smell that permeates the air 24/7 is a heinous mix of piss, cigarettes (including marijuana), and trash. And not even the rain can take it away. In fact, it's so bad that my parents' sinuses get five times worse just being there for a few hours. They've had to have surgery just for living in this dunghole.

3. No parking!
----Parking in New York is IMPOSSIBLE. Why do you think so many people use public transportation? (And don't get me started on the amount of taxis in Manhattan during Rush Hour.)

4. It's ugly.
----And I mean really, really ugly. The streets look like trash, and the buildings mirror it perfectly. Every single time we pass by the Bronx (where I was born), I cringe. As a matter of fact, as I was walking to a nearby deli, I looked to my left to an apartment building's basement level (those things are usually either wide open or have a gate instead of a door) to find a rat cheerfully snacking on something on the floor. Yeah. Ew.

----Basically, noise everywhere. When you live there for a long time, you learn to get used to it, but when you visit, sleeping is nigh on impossible. The worst part is the trains though. Goodness, the fucking trains...

But my experience wasn't entirely bad, of course. On my short drive through Times Square, I saw some pretty neat stuff--including a storm trooper standing next to Darth Vader. Man, if only NYCC was going on. That would've made my year. Plus, I got to see my grandma! That's always nice.

...Yeah, the fact that the nicest part of my day in New York was seeing my 87-year-old grandma--when she was about to go to sleep, mind you--says a lot. Well, today wasn't exactly a 'tourist' day, so I can't complain.

Have yourself a nice day, and if you ever stop by the Big Apple, just know that I warned you about the smell. It is THAT bad.



sora, sea salt

July 2013

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